Your New Home just like you Always Wanted it

Your new home is just a few bricks away...

A new home... A dream for some, an absolute necessity for others. Either way, what matters is that you get a home where you and your family can live comfortably. And to build such a home, you need to look for the best home builders in your region. If you are planning to build your home in the Manningham VIC region, there is no better construction company than Verduci Homes.

All that it Takes to Build a New Home

Building a new home is no easy feat. It demands both financial and human investment. The task is even more demanding for someone who is getting a customised home built as everything will be done as per his wishes and thus he has to be around to make sure that it is so. With Verduci Homes, you can expect to get the best construction service as we work with a skilled team and we use the best construction techniques available on the market.

We also Renovate!

If your budget does not allow you to start a brand new construction, then you can count on Verduci Homes to design the best innovation project for your home. We will work in close collaboration with you to come up with the best innovation ideas and techniques that can be applied to your home and make sure that you get a home that looks as good as new.

«A Home that Looks as Good as New!»

Our construction services are among the best in the region because:

  • We use innovative work solutions
  • We have a highly qualified team
  • We also do design works

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