A Customised Home to Showcase your Uniqueness

Got the land? Got the money? Let's start the construction!

If you are among the lucky ones to be able to build the home of your choice on your plot of land, then make sure to give it the best shot as you are free to design and construct it the way you want. Verduci Homes has more than 40 years of experience in the construction of customised homes. You can discuss your customised home project with the team and get the work started as soon as possible. The company extends its services across the Manningham VIC region.

Characteristics of a Customised Home

If you are still wondering what a customised home is and how does it differ from any other home, these points can help:

  • A customised home, unlike a production built home is one that is built on a plot of land that is owned by the person.
  • The owner decides the size and model of the house.
  • He also get to choose the interior and exterior decoration of the house.
  • Every member of the family can give their input on what they would like and not like in the home.
  • You can bring changes any time you want if ever there is any issue, for example, if you feel that your budget won't be enough.

Customised Home Builders is just what you Need!

With the rising need of housing and mass construction of production homes, it is difficult to find a custom home builder. This will not be a problem if you are planning to construct in the Manningham VIC region. Verduci Homes is a renowned and trusted customised home builder in this region. Also, they work with EV Energy Consultants to ensure that each construction they undertake has a minimum impact on the environment.

«An Environment-Friendly Construction»

Among the various benefits we offer, you will find:

  • Different home design ideas
  • A qualified team to handle all parts of construction
  • New and innovative work techniques

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